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Dr. Hung Chang, CHEN

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Dr. Chen continues to advance the
practice of plastic surgery and patient
care, publishing the most recent research
findings in prestigious international
journals. Many papers have been
accepted and published by the leading
plastic surgery journal: Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery.

陳宏彰醫師團隊的研究: "不同眼皮手術後三個月眉毛高度變化"
陳宏彰醫師團隊的研究: "不同眼皮手術後三個月眉毛高度變化" 發表在9月最新出刊整形外科第一名的雜誌Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Hungchang Chen’s research team study: Objective Comparison of Eyebrow Position after Internal and External Browpexy...
Smartphone-Based Artificial Intelligence–Assisted Prediction for Eyelid Measurements:Algorithm Development and Observational Validation Study
Margin reflex distance 1 (MRD1), margin reflex distance 2 (MRD2), and levator muscle function (LF) are crucial metrics for ptosis evaluation and management. However, manual measurements of MRD1, MRD2, and LF are...
A Combination of Three-Step Lower Blepharoplasty to Correct Four Types of Lower Eyelid Deformities in Asian People
This study aimed to propose a novel four-type deformity and treatment-oriented classification of the lower eyelids that directs the therapeutic combination of three- step lower blepharoplasty for Asian populations.
Selection of Site for Harvesting Dermal Grafts as a Spacer in the Correction of Eyelid Retraction
Several materials can serve as spacer grafts in the repair of retracted lower eyelids. However, previous studies did not reveal any of these to be superior to the others. From our perspective, autologous dermal...
Similarity in Bilateral Isolated Internal Orbital Fractures
Purpose: In evaluating patients sustaining bilateral isolated internal orbital fractures, the authors have observed both similar fracture locations and also similar expansion of orbital volumes. In this study, we...
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