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Botox Injection



Botox Injection

How Botox Works

In order to prevent local muscles from contracting and diminish the dynamic lines brought on by muscle contraction, botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin, works by blocking the conduction of neurons to muscles. Botox will also temporarily cause muscle atrophy (similar to what happens when you don’t exercise for a while; your muscles get smaller), which can help us improve the shape of the face and legs because it can endure for several months.

Action time for Botox

Most people can last eight months to a year with their first shot, and then about every 4-6 months after that.

Dr. Chen often uses Botox injections to improve the following areas:

Improve forehead lines, eyebrow lines (Frown lines), crow’s feet and other dynamic lines
During the aging process, the facial soft tissue such as collagen gradually loses, causing the skin to become thinner and thinner, so when the muscles under the skin contract, it will drive the thin skin to produce wrinkles, which is the cause of dynamic wrinkles, the dynamic of long-term contraction The lines will become deeper and deeper, and even become static lines.
Dr. Chen uses botulinum toxin injection to improve facial dynamic wrinkles: for example, injection of frontalis muscle to improve forehead wrinkles, injection of corrugator muscle to improve Sichuan-shaped wrinkles, injection of outer side of oculi muscle to improve crow’s feet. It is also possible to achieve a local brow lift by injecting the inner side of the frontalis muscle and allowing the outer muscle to reflex and contract.

Skinny Face
The masticatory muscles of the cheeks are overdeveloped, which contributes to a wide face (also known as a big cake face or a Chinese character face), and the lower jaw angle is apparent. The mandibular angle is overly pronounced and needs to be corrected through bone-cutting surgery.
The so-called botulinum toxin injection is aimed at the masticatory muscles of the cheeks (touching the cheeks, clenching the teeth hard, and the muscles that will bulge). Physician Chen will first assess whether the main reason for the patient’s face with the word “Bing Guofang” is that the masticatory muscles are too developed. If the muscles are very hard and hypertrophic when the patient bites his teeth, he will recommend the patient to receive botulinum toxin injection. One month after the injection, the muscles will atrophy slowly and temporarily due to no contraction (use it or not), making the lines of the cheeks appear softer, achieving the effect of a small face and a V-shaped face, and the general effect can be maintained for about half a year. If the patient originally has an asymmetrical face shape, applying different doses on both sides of the cheeks can also achieve balanced symmetry.

Slim Legs
The top portion of the calf will enlarge and resemble a radish as a result of the powerful calf gastrocnemius muscle, earning it the nickname “radish leg.” By blocking nerve conduction, Botox is injected into the gastrocnemius muscle of the calf, causing the muscle to temporarily atrophy since it is unable to contract. It can last for nearly six months following injection.
EffectDynamic Facial PatternSkinny FaceSlim Legs
Injection LocationFrontalis lift, corrugator, oculiMasticatory musclesCalf gastrocnemius
Time to Effect4-7 days1 month
1 month or more
Maintenance PeriodThe first August-December, then about half a yearApprox half yearApprox half year

Preparation Before Treatment

1. Apply analgesic cream half an hour before treatment
2. If you have any drug allergy, you need to inform the doctor before surgery
3. If there is excess immunity or wound at the treatment site, it is recommended to control and stabilize before receiving treatment

Recovery Process and Post-operative Care

1. Do not lie down for four hours after surgery to avoid the spread of Botox to other parts.

Sequelae and Complications

1. Botulinum toxin injection into the masticatory muscles will make the muscles weak, temporarily unable to bite too hard or too hard food
2. Botulinum toxin injection in the calf will temporarily make it impossible to jump vigorously

Any surgery and treatment have risks, and the actual effect will vary due to different personal conditions. The surgery and treatment suitable for each person may be different. Before surgery, full communication and detailed evaluation with the doctor are required.